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What is Project Freedom?

In a Nutshell


What is this? 

This blog is very simple. We want to highlight testimonies. The goal is to share the story of people who aren’t usually being heard. We want the world to know what it means to have something to say. I want to give people who normally aren’t heard a voice so I’ll be making several posts on social media requesting stories and I, myself will be reaching out to certain people to get their stories. 


What is the reason? 


It's a doubleheader. We want to use this as an outlet to spread our message of change. It’s a promotional tool that will help us strengthen our community of aspiring young Christian dreamers. We will reach a broad audience with this so it will be crucial to pay attention to what is being said and where it's coming from.


Where will we start? 


We will start with the original Freedom crew and their stories. In the blog posts, I will link their interviews and the product link so that the book might be found in them. That gives us 5 blog posts. Next, I want to tease the next Freedom book. We’ll use snippets of their testimonies and tease the following book part way through and encourage engagement with the current freedom/full campaign.  


What is our theme? 


Change: Transitioning from one end to another, from darkness to light. That is our theme, past to present, to future.  


Share the story. Build an audience. Reflect God, reflect Greatness. Less of me more of him. We want to publicize the true gospel.

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