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There's Freedom At The Edge of This Side of Heaven...Choose

Join us as we push our campaign toward greatness.

Freedom is the first of the series. Freedom is the face of the movement. We want to give you a voice, we want to share the voice of the people who took a chance. We want to open the door to testimonies you usually don’t hear about. We want you to know that YOU ARE NOT ALONE. The decision you make is not one that will be taken in vain. Tune in to our blog or submit your testimony Let’s build a nation!

Preorder your copy of At the Edge: What eyes have not seen. Dive into the story of a man faced with a decision to make. one of life and death. what does it mean to be free? what does it mean to live a life worth living?

Preorder your copy of This Side of Heaven Don’t miss this sequel/continuation of a great story. Does our protagonist make his final decision or not?

Preorder your copy of Choose. You can guess what this one's about.

These are all books that open the window to yourself. They are designed to dig into the mind of the reader and expose thoughts and worries that many try to ignore. Our message is choice. We have to make decisions that matter. Your life can change in a matter of moments. All it takes is a little bit of faith and a desire to go further. You don’t have to stay where you are. You can grow if you want to. You can change if you want to. You can be great if you want to. As I said in our story, we are blessed with the superpower of choice.

Our goal for this work is to reach people from ages ranging from 13-30. Why? Because this is the range where life is the most unpredictable, uncertain, and frightening. Many people are struggling to find purpose and faith. The reason we’re approaching this audience is because we want to offer the grand solution in an understandable, relatable way. We want to spread the Gospel close to home, home meaning the hearts of those who are in need of hope.

Help us spread the word!! This movement will not die. It will only grow with your help! If you want to encourage someone, we have what you need right here. If you want to spread the Gospel, here you go! Now's the best time to share the story. Join us.

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