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What is change? Change is the product of these three things; Time, Energy, and Effort. T.E.E for short. Change requires intentionality. It requires attention. It requires access to the depths of your being. You can not half do change. I will go so far as to say that small changes require just as much T.E.E as a drastic change. The reason I say this is simple. Time, energy, and effort are the elements needed to build consistency. The amount of time you put into something is relative to the amount of energy you put into it. The amount of energy you put into something is relative to the amount of effort you put into something. It's a choice. you have to ask yourself; what do I want and/or what am I willing to do to get to that point?

For me personally working on Dream Publications, my first thought in regard to change is that it's an essential portion of growth. Though it is uncomfortable, uncertain, and fear-inducing I have to remember that it is necessary to break the comfort zone I've been hiding in all of my life. Silence is no longer an option. Changing this takes Time, Energy, and Effort. I have to ask myself if I'm willing to go the distance. I have to evaluate my mindset and behavior. I have to work regardless of the impeding feelings of doubt and uncertainty. I have to trust God. For me as a leader and as the founder of this organization God is my head therefore I have to take the time to seek his guidance. I have to put the energy into understanding what he's saying. I have to put my effort into pursuing the vision he's placed over my life. I have to be consistent no matter what the obstacle before me may be. I have to consistently grow, meaning I have to consistently change and adapt to what I'm being led to do.

I was talking to myself today and meditating on this frequently throughout the week and one thing I found is that many of our processes can be summed up or categorized into these three words. They are things we can control or at least manage how we use them. This is why I say change is a choice because we can choose how much time we want to spend, how much effort we want to pour into something, and how much energy we're willing to utilize in the pursuit of that which we desire. We are responsible for these things. We can be held accountable by these things. We can measure our commitment by these things and adjust. T.E.E is a self-evaluation, when you think about these three things you should reflect on how you manage these things.

To take it a little further, I was thinking about the relationship we form with God and others. How can we get closer if we are not intentional? How can we understand without trying? There are many that follow a loose map out of life. The easy road lasts but a second; costs a pint of effort; and spoils a tablespoon of energy. I remember my change from an unbeliever to a seeker to a believer. The inclination happened within a moment. The desire for change can happen in a moment but the actual change must be intentionally backed by time, energy, and effort, meaning that change starts with making a choice. There have been many times in a church service where we get satisfied with just a touch and a few tears. There are many times we grow satisfied with a simple Sunday morning tingle but the change comes after the touch. What are you doing with your free time? What and where are your thoughts focused? How are you acting outside of church? How are you seeking more if you are satisfied with a portion of what God gave you? Will you cherish what God is doing in your life? For me, my change began after I allowed an opportunity I'd been seeking for my entire life pass me by in exchange for comfort. The first day I ever went to a new church the preacher man asked "if you haven't been baptized, would you come?" For a long time, I had been dying to hear someone ask that question. I wanted it. I wanted more. I wanted to change but I was afraid I'd be judged therefore I hid while my little brother and sister got baptized being filled with the holy ghost that day. I missed out and it haunted me to the point where I got hungrier than ever. I began to read my Bible without having to be told (even though I fell asleep from time to time), and I began to pray and meditate. I began to take what I saw in visions and dreams seriously. I began to get real with myself. I separated myself from people I tried to fit in with knowing good and well I didn't mesh with that crowd. My mind was focused and It still is today because even though I got what I wanted (The Holy Ghost) I want more. I want to be useable. I want to be faithful with everything I have. I want to grow more intimate with God. I want more than anything to grow and evolve into what and who God wants me to be. I have not stopped what I started my walk with, instead I enhanced it. Everything God's blessed me to achieve, endure, and grow through required Time, Energy, and Effort backed by faith that was and is being built over time.

Change has to start with a choice. You have to commit to that choice and be intentional about it. nothing comes without a little bit of work. Dreams aren't achieved without a vision. you have to be resilient, persistent, and most importantly consistent. I don't want to go too far in because I want to tell you something. First and foremost thank you for reaching this portion of the blog. I appreciate your support and care. It is an honor to be writing for you and prayerfully for those you talk to. It's a pleasure and I am grateful to have your attention. We have some big things coming this upcoming year...

The reason I bring this topic up is because soon I'll be starting a new book called "Choose." this will be the closing book of the 2023 campaign "Freedom At the Edge of This Side of Heaven...Choose" This is a 4 book series I'm working on that will be coming to you next year 2023 in which we are calling the year of exposure. we want to bring light to a new voice that hits and targets the mind. My writing style is one that makes you think. It's one that pricks your brain with relatable thoughts but unique solutions. These books are inspired by the beginning and current state of my walk with Christ which I believe can and will be very relatable and eye-opening to the aspiring youth in and outside of the church who are looking for more. Freedom is a book comprised of testimonies, At the edge is the conversation between two men; one man lost with a desire and another found with the solution...the final question will be, what will he choose? This Side of Heaven is the compilation of broken letters comprised of lost thoughts and painful pasts, answered with love. Choose will be something special; a short 50-page book with a single prompt being issued..."What's stopping you?"

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