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Welcome 2023 and welcome all new subscribers. This is Project Freedom and I am your host, Emmanuel Wallace of Dream I am a Christian author that writes books for the purpose of encouraging and directing the youth toward finding and navigating their way to Christ. This is a blog page though, Project Freedom.

Project Freedom is about sharing testimonies. We want to create a platform that enables those who aren't as outwardly vocal or who have longer testimonies to share the goodness of the Lord. IT is our honor as Dream Publications to offer a space that allows this to be made possible. As we grow and expand in this I encourage you to check out our books as well. This is a new project and one we hope starts a wave that doesn't end. If there ever was a time to speak up, the time is now!

February 20th, 2023 Is the day to look out for! We will be releasing All 4 books on that day. We will begin posting our blogs of testimonies January 20th in conjunction with open preordering. Be the first to get your copy. Another thing to look out for is our Project Freedom Podcast.

Submission for an opportunity to tell your story:

Text: @Dream_Publications Instagram page

Google Drive: Share with

write a manuscript/rough draft of your testimony and send it our way with a snapshot of you. We'll get back to you within 3-5 days.

Dates to consider:

January 20th: Open submission starts/Pre-orders for Freedom At the Edge of This Side of Heaven...Choose, will be open

February 20th: Official release of Freedom At the Edge of This Side of Heaven

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